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 Coming from a country where people struggle I learned to appreciate the little things in this life, including the most insignificant things that people usually overlook. Being Cuban in Miami and seeing culture, diversity, and the vibrant people that walk the streets of this city each day can nurture ideas from the daily encounters and shocking realness this city wears. The stories you get to hear and see with your own eyes can truly inspire anybody to create something that will benefit the common person that hustles everyday to make a living while still maintaining their flashy ways and rated personas. This makeup I watch on a daily basis is the mother of my very own revolutionary act, a fashion brand that with its very essence tells the story of the individual rebel, the hustler, the dreamer. Revact is not only a clothing brand, but it is the story of people who don’t stand conformity and so they choose rebellion as a way to make this world a better place. Revact is my story, your story, and the story of every individual who chooses to stay rebellious in a world that conforms.  

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